Elect A.L. “Buddy” Collins

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing,” -Theodore Roosevelt

Serving for sixteen years as a school board member, five years as a member of the Board of Trustees for Forsyth Technical Community College, and five years as Vice Chair of the State Board of Education, I have learned something about working hard at work worth doing.

Serving YOU

My focus on the County Commission will be simple – improving our schools, growing our economy, keeping our citizens and our community safe, and restoring fiscal responsibility to county government. Keeping your priorities will be my priorities. I will be the same common-sense conservative voice on the County Commission that I was on the School Board for sixteen years. I will listen and respond to the concerns of all citizens across the county working to bring our community together and find real solutions to the challenges we face.

On The Issues

Protecting Our Community

"Let's invest in a comprehensive strategy today to prevent our children from becoming an overdose statistic tomorrow." - A. L. Collins


Essential to the quality of life in a vibrant community is the safety of its citizens. Public safety is more than expenditures on law enforcement. There is a public health aspect to public safety. The opioid crisis that is taking the lives of friends and neighbors is a new and emerging threat to our community. This threat must be addressed. We have to prioritize our public health dollars to address the mental health component to public safety.

Growing Forsyth County's Economy

"Job creation is the byproduct of a community friendly to small business" - A.L. Collins


The first priority of job creation is to make sure that we have a community friendly to small business owners.  Stable tax rates and a well-educated workforce are necessary for small business to thrive. Too often communities are lured into participation in economic development efforts to attract businesses who will employ a large number of employees. While I support such efforts, expenditures in these areas must not detract from a priority of protecting and encouraging the development of small business in our community.

Expanding and Improving Public Education

"The best tax dollars spent on economic development are spent in the classrooms of our public schools" - A.L. Collins


We must prioritize the operation of county government to address the educational needs of all children. Be it healthcare, safety, housing, hunger, the taxpayers have already allocated money for services to address these needs. We need to perform a resource inventory to make sure county services are aligned with the needs of these children. We need to leverage these public dollars with private benevolences to address the gaps created by poverty in our community.

Stewardship for your Tax Dollars

"We are not a community that is taxed too little. We are a community that spreads its tax revenues too thinly among too many worthy causes." - A.L. Collins

County budgets must be aligned to fund the priorities of the taxpayer.  Proper funding of Education,  Health and Human Services and Public Safety are essential to maintaining the quality of life that our citizens enjoy.  The current Board of Commissioners has so mismanaged the county budget that this year the voters will be asked to choose between the assessment of a sales tax or the raising of the property tax, while at the same time planning to spend 30 million dollars on a children's museum downtown.

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